Elite RMC

Elite Ready-mix concrete is one of the independent ready mixed companies in AP and Telangana with more than a decade of experiencece. Elite is currently spreading its system to different areas in India to serve the necessities of the quickly developing Indian construction industry.

The organization fabricates and supplies Ready Mix Concrete. Elite portfolio of clients incorporates Infrastructure companies, Industrial Projects, Commercial Projects, real estate developers etc. Aside from regular concrete blends of different evaluations, Elite Concrete also produces exclusive concrete solutions utilizing its reality class foundation and innovation and ensures item & quality.

Advantages of Ready Mix concrete over Site Mixed Concrete


Ready Mix concrete created from completely mechanized clustering plants ensures quality since:
• The crude materials are liable to stringent quality and amount measures.
• The solid is liable to quality control throughout the assembling and conveyance process.

Variety of arrangements

A wide assortment of ready-mixed concrete can be delivered, with ease and on interest, by fluctuating the extents/mixes of the concrete, totals, and admixtures.


Ready-mixed concrete furnishes clients with different administration quality due to:
• The accessibility of a substantial number of solid blender trucks which empower conveyance rates to be monitored.
• Supply of extraordinary services for troublesome worksites like siphons, transports, and so forth. The capacity to adjust the pace of conveyances to the client's needs.

Lower Pollution

The utilization of RMC decreases air contamination in and around the worksite as the blending is done at the plant.


1. Ready mixed concrete is more cost-effective:
2. Essential materials are presently not stored on site and this decreases the requirement for storage room.
3. Plant and hardware for blending concrete are not required.
4. Wastage of fundamental materials is kept away from.
5. Work-related with the creation of cement is decreased.
6. The time required for the whole procedure is enormously diminished.

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